Jarrett “Smiley” Smith


With 32 years of dedicated experience in Industrial and Commercial Construction, Jarrett brings a wealth of expertise to every project. As a Louisiana State Licensed professional in Heavy Industrial Construction, he demonstrates a commitment to excellence and adherence to rigorous standards. His notable achievements include being honored with the prestigious ABC Eagle Award, securing 1st Place in the U.S. for managing a complex Mega Project, and receiving the ABC Pyramid Award, earning 2nd Place nationally for overseeing a challenging ASME Code Project.

Within SIG, Jarrett is known as a versatile and holistic leader, adept at guiding strategic project planning and execution. He prioritizes integrity and positive reinforcement, fostering a culture of excellence within the company while ensuring strict adherence to Safety, Quality, and Productivity standards. Through his unwavering dedication to building strong client relations, Jarrett consistently secures repeat business, cementing their reputation as a trusted industry leader.